About Us


We are offering project-specific solutions since 1973 in the area of elevator engineering. Within these 40 years we have taken part in many important projects nationwide. Together with hundreds of disabled access lifts, our portlofio consists of boutique projects like domestic lifts for villas and houses, helicopter lifts for hospitals, goods lifts for industrial buildings. With our design, project, production, installation and maintenance teams we are in service nationwide.

Since 1986 we are designing and manufacturingdisabled access platform lifts and provide accessibility for buildings.

For already complete houses we offer domestic lifts without a pitand provide more functionality.

We produce 12.000 tons of elevator counterweight per year and provide solutions for the special needs of world-leading elevator companies.


Founded in 1973 by Mehmet Ali Yavuz and Nezihe Yavuz as an unlimited company with the title Mehmet Ali Yavuz and Partner, in Eskişehir, Turkey. First services were project and installation of passenger elevators. In 1983 freight elavators have been added to the service spectrum. Assembled the first ever local production disabled access platform lift in Turkey in the Faculy of Architecture in Anadolu University in 1995. Contributed in hundreds of projects including passenger, freight, moncharge and stretcher elevators in Eskisehir and surrounding cities until 2003. Since the first application of pit-less domestic lift in Bursa in 1996, offered tailored solutions in many houses in dozens of cities. In 2006 became the authorized regional contractor of Kone. Today, focusing especially on disabled access platform lifts, takes a big part in covering the demands on this topic in Turkey.